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Welcome to the Community!

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Dec. 31st, 2020 | 12:36 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful
posted by: rogue_fangirl in vm_sims2

This community is for people who love both Veronica Mars and the Sims 2, and want to combine the two in the best ways possible. Like the community neptune_style we look for outfits that Veronica wore on the show, but here we want them for use in playing the Sims 2!


* If you post at this community you are expected to do a reasonable amount of research before you post. The question you asked might be answered by checking tags, the memories, or recent posts. When posting regarding content you found, make sure it hasn't been shared already.
* If you post content, link back to the original creator whenever posible, even for makeup or accessories. If you post a recolor of someone's mesh, link to the mesh.
* Stories are allowed, but only under an lj-cut. To learn how to do this please refer to FAQ #75.
* Content from fandoms other than Veronica Mars is allowed only if content from Veronica Mars is in the same post.
* YOU MUST USE TAGS. Tags will make the community better for all members. Please use descriptive, accurate tags for every post.
* Entries that mention questionable behavior must be friends-locked.
* Be respectful to all posters. Posters who behave disrespectfully will be banned.

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